Day One (of the last leg)

This morning I return to The Happy Walk after 7 months recovery break feeling good about it. With only about 2,900kms remaining I am not concerned about time, deadlines, racing the seasons and especially not breaking any personal distance records. This year the walk will be relaxed, setting comfortable distances and achievable goals. This year … Continue reading Day One (of the last leg)


4 Weeks

In 28 days I will be setting out on the final 2,900 kilometres of this long solo trek around Australia. The last month of training and preparations always goes too fast and too slow.  No matter how well this stage is planned out it feels like a never ending list of things to do and … Continue reading 4 Weeks

Go for a Walk

Each afternoon, when the light starts softening, I go for a walk over the headlands, along the cliffs to watch the rolling ocean, dolphins, crashing waves, spotting whale spouts, magnificent sea eagles, kites and terns, adorable coastal heath blossums and wandering through tea tree swamps letting my imagination run wild with dreamtime and fairytale creatures … Continue reading Go for a Walk

Final Prep Pt2

...Boots! I need time to break my feet into the new shoe shape of my sponsored boots and allow any hot spots and blisters to heal and harden before resuming the walk. From experience each time I get a new batch of blisters it takes 3 days to heal. It takes 3 weeks for my … Continue reading Final Prep Pt2

Final Prep Pt1

Hopefully this will be the last leg of my walk around Australia (there will be more walks in years to come). It feels like it has taken too long but I wouldn't have wanted to push further or faster through each section. Preparation for multi month solo unaccompanied walks is not that much different than … Continue reading Final Prep Pt1

A New Sponsor

From February to June I will be unplugged and offline, mental preparation for the final leg, so blog posts will be scheduled while I'm away. During this time I will be introducing you to my sponsors, the businesses who believe in what I'm doing and have generously donated in kind. Tonight I will start with … Continue reading A New Sponsor


This is a quick post about some changes to the walk. In the last two weeks I have started and tinkered with a few posts but they are all still drafts. I haven't been able to focus very well, distracted with another project and a bit of mental illness. If this sounds confusing it is … Continue reading Changes

Welcome 2017!

And welcome to all the new visitors who have crossed over after my exit from facebook! Hands up who had an easy breezy 2016. I don't think too many off us will be sad to say goodbye to it. Personally, I'd like to boot it into a dimension 1000 parallels from here but keep the … Continue reading Welcome 2017!

Media Release Update 09/16 *

The Happy Walk is a 16,000km solo walk around Australia without support vehicles raising funds for Lifeline Australia's 24/7 mental health crisis hotline 13 11 14 and raising awareness about suicide prevention, hope, recovery and happiness. Ms Terra Lalirra, an Australian 44yo woman from NSW, has been walking for more than 3 years and 13,000kms … Continue reading Media Release Update 09/16 *

What Happened Out There

If you have been following The Happy Walk for more than a month you probably read about the incident on the Barkly Highway. That was just part of it. It has taken a while to feel comfortable enough to write a detailed post about exactly what happened. Part of the process has been recovery from … Continue reading What Happened Out There