Walking Away

  I am figuratively and literally walking away from charity walking and The Happy Walk. I have nothing left, no kombi, no money, nothing because I sold everything for them, to keep walking so i could keep raising funds and awareness. I walk away starting from scratch. The fundraiser finished 2 weeks ago and they … Continue reading Walking Away


The Jonesys

Lauren, Justin and Morgan are The Jonesys and they have just completed an incredible 1,800km trek on foot through the Australian outback.     The Jonesys did not walk with a support crew to wrangle their camps, keep their water cool and cook meals. Nobody travelled through ahead of them burying caches of supplies. They … Continue reading The Jonesys

Woonoongoora – Lamington National Park Pt1

After Tamborine Mountain I was impatient to get into the bigger mountains but one important chore needed doing first. Dirty laundry! Ultralight backpacking means less clothes and needing to wash them more often. I have 1 jumper, 2 shirts, 2 trousers, PJs and 3 sets of underwear, that's all you need really (wearing your rain … Continue reading Woonoongoora – Lamington National Park Pt1

Brisbane to Mount Tambourine

I have been a slacker. So many times I have opened up the blog to write and no words come. I can't explain it but tonight I feel wordy so here is the long awaited Brisbane post which I will merge with Tambourine Mountain. You will need to wait a little longer for Lamington National … Continue reading Brisbane to Mount Tambourine

Cooloola Great Walk

Another incredible week of The Happy Walk has passed.  Only last week i said goodbye to the caring and supportive women i met in Rainbow Beach. It would have been easy to stay longer in the company of such strong and resilient women. Thank you Brooke, Kirstie, Pearl, Jacqui, Glenys, Kay, Delila and Xavier. Thank … Continue reading Cooloola Great Walk

K’gari – Fraser Island Great Walk

On the 12th of July i lived up to a promise i made myself 19 years ago. One long weekend in 1998 an old partner, Phil, and i took his Toyota Landcruiser to Fraser Island for one of our regular micro adventures camping, bushwalking and exploring Queensland. I look back on that time in my … Continue reading K’gari – Fraser Island Great Walk

1770 to Hervey Bay

It feels longer since the last update. Time is passing too fast as I walk through some of the most beautiful places in Australia. "Where has been your favourite place?" is one of the questions people often ask. It is impossible to chose only one place. If I consider all the places made special for … Continue reading 1770 to Hervey Bay

Authorised Fundraiser

Since 2012 I have been a fundraiser for Lifeline. While walking 1,250kms around Tasmania I asked Lifeline if I could help them to say thanks for the help they gave me. There are many excellent fundraising events happening throughout Australia but a few frauds mean we need proof of authority to fundraise. Before beginning the … Continue reading Authorised Fundraiser


I hope this newsletter finds you well. In less than 2 weeks I will be enjoying the first days of the final 2,900km east coast leg of this epic 16,000+km walk around Australia for Lifeline. I have minimised my online activity to only 4 places making it easier for both you and me. WordPress blog, … Continue reading Newsletter

Go for a Walk

Each afternoon, when the light starts softening, I go for a walk over the headlands, along the cliffs to watch the rolling ocean, dolphins, crashing waves, spotting whale spouts, magnificent sea eagles, kites and terns, adorable coastal heath blossums and wandering through tea tree swamps letting my imagination run wild with dreamtime and fairytale creatures … Continue reading Go for a Walk