I have some excellent news! I have passed my 20,000kms solo milestone. It is a little bit embarrassing because I had been calculating the distances I walked alone in Australia and didn't add any international solo treks in Portugal, Morocco, Western Sahara, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, China and Japan (but not including … Continue reading +20,000kms


Week 1

I'll let the photos do most of the talking (: Sometimes I um and ah about side trips, especially I have not heard any recommendations. So it was a pleasant surprise when I discovered a local secret, Tannum Sands. The walk/bike track all g Boyne River was equally as beautiful. I met Jan and Karl … Continue reading Week 1


I'm sorry for not keeping my word. There were a bunch of drafts but not a single one has been completed to schedule before I go offline. These have been deleted because when I finish 3-4 months offline alone camping in the Wilderness I will make a fresh start, new perspectives and approach this blog … Continue reading Offline