Day One (of the last leg)

This morning I return to The Happy Walk after 7 months recovery break feeling good about it. With only about 2,900kms remaining I am not concerned about time, deadlines, racing the seasons and especially not breaking any personal distance records. This year the walk will be relaxed, setting comfortable distances and achievable goals. This year … Continue reading Day One (of the last leg)



This is a quick post about some changes to the walk. In the last two weeks I have started and tinkered with a few posts but they are all still drafts. I haven't been able to focus very well, distracted with another project and a bit of mental illness. If this sounds confusing it is … Continue reading Changes

Today I am not okay

For the last 2 months my mental health, specifically social anxiety, has been deteriorating and last night I was in hospital. It was voluntary. I was scared I would do something stupid and permanent. I needed to be somewhere safe from myself. I had to discharge myself early because my aspie hypersensory issues were starting … Continue reading Today I am not okay

What Happened Out There

If you have been following The Happy Walk for more than a month you probably read about the incident on the Barkly Highway. That was just part of it. It has taken a while to feel comfortable enough to write a detailed post about exactly what happened. Part of the process has been recovery from … Continue reading What Happened Out There

What is the delay!?

I am still in Katherine. There are several obvious reasons including being sick and barrow repairs. There are also a few other reasons. Part of this walk is raising awareness about wellbeing and suicide prevention. I promote talking about it, not being ashamed of being unwell, seeking help and using therapy. Today I needed to … Continue reading What is the delay!?

Terra’s Top 10

Welcome to Terra's Top 10 This will be a regular Tuesday post where I can share a list of my top 10 things. These are lists of things I found to be useful, informative, inspiring, motivating or just some fun to lighten my day. Today I have been very active in attending to the wellbeing … Continue reading Terra’s Top 10