Thank you

Thank you! Thank you to everyone who responded when i reached out to you. Your response was overwhelming. I don't know how to adequately thank you but you give me more motivation and the means to continue. This walk is our walk! My money situation became a bit embarrassing on the weekend and i needed … Continue reading Thank you


Week 1

I'll let the photos do most of the talking (: Sometimes I um and ah about side trips, especially I have not heard any recommendations. So it was a pleasant surprise when I discovered a local secret, Tannum Sands. The walk/bike track all g Boyne River was equally as beautiful. I met Jan and Karl … Continue reading Week 1

Day One (of the last leg)

This morning I return to The Happy Walk after 7 months recovery break feeling good about it. With only about 2,900kms remaining I am not concerned about time, deadlines, racing the seasons and especially not breaking any personal distance records. This year the walk will be relaxed, setting comfortable distances and achievable goals. This year … Continue reading Day One (of the last leg)


Environment Day!  The choices we each make everyday effect the health of this planet and ALL her inhabitants. The balance of our environment, the parametres within which we can live are fragile. We can all act to create a sustainable future.  The health of this planet relies on us remembering we are not separate from … Continue reading Earth


Love - how does it enrich you? Love enhances happiness, kindness, joy, peace, friendship, values, belonging, compassion, tolerance, self-esteem, hope, health, care, enjoyment, gratitude, security, creativity, forgiveness, all the positives in life. In many ways I am fortunate to have been born with a different kind of mind. Love is a subject I had to … Continue reading Thoughts


It is better to uplift others and praise their accomplishments and efforts than compare them to your own. Encourage everyone following their dreams, answering a calling and finding their purpose as part of the rapidly expanding movement of awesome humans making this world a better place. It doesn't matter how big a project is, whether … Continue reading Thoughts

Thoughts 1

The human mind and heart is endlessly evolving through new ideas and experiences. Shifts in awareness, thought patterns and values come about through meditation, interaction and questioning old beliefs and habits. An open heart and mind are essential to expanding ourselves beyond self-imposed and cultural boundaries.   We have at our fingertips a multitude of … Continue reading Thoughts 1

Terra’s Top 10 Staying Sane

Welcome to the 2nd installment of Terra's Top 10. Staying Sane is something many of us hope to do in this crazy world. I don't admit to being an expert at staying sane but I'm still here right.This is my top 10. 1 Turn off the TV Try this out, the results are amazing. Calculate … Continue reading Terra’s Top 10 Staying Sane