Happiness In 20,000,000 Steps

Sometimes I look back but only to see how far I have come.   The Happy Walk was not just a walk to raise awareness about suicide prevention, health, happiness, hope and raising funds for Lifeline's 24/7 crisis hotline.   The Happy Walk started as the primary therapy in my recovery from suicide attempts, 3 … Continue reading Happiness In 20,000,000 Steps


A New Sponsor

From February to June I will be unplugged and offline, mental preparation for the final leg, so blog posts will be scheduled while I'm away. During this time I will be introducing you to my sponsors, the businesses who believe in what I'm doing and have generously donated in kind. Tonight I will start with … Continue reading A New Sponsor

What Happened Out There

If you have been following The Happy Walk for more than a month you probably read about the incident on the Barkly Highway. That was just part of it. It has taken a while to feel comfortable enough to write a detailed post about exactly what happened. Part of the process has been recovery from … Continue reading What Happened Out There

Terra’s Top 10 Why I am Walking Around Australia

THE BACK STORY 1. Childhood Bushwalking - From the time I could walk the adventure began. Dad and Mum carefully budgeted for family camping and bushwalking trips to National Parks at least twice a year, as often as possible we would pack the car and trailer, we even had a caravan for a while, drive … Continue reading Terra’s Top 10 Why I am Walking Around Australia

Road Angels and Road Magic

Yesterday, as I walked a 40km day through the Never Never, I started listening to the Zero to Travel podcast by Jason Moore. These are fascinating podcasts “packed with inspiring travel stories and actionable advice from a variety of unique guests who have done amazing things. The aim of the show is to help you … Continue reading Road Angels and Road Magic

Terra’s Top 10 Rations

Food and nutrition are an important part of endurance walking, especially when the walk goes on for thousands of kilometres. I didn't learn about food growing up, I was bumped up a few classes in school and missed the home economic lessons but when I decided to switch from being vegetarian to vegan I had … Continue reading Terra’s Top 10 Rations

Media Release – The Happy Walk

Media Release for The Happy Walk- A Lap for Lifeline The Last Leg   The Happy Walk is a 16,000km solo walk around Australia without support vehicles raising funds for Lifeline Australia’s 24/7 mental health crisis hotline, 13 11 14, and raising awareness about wellbeing, recovery and suicide prevention.   Ms Terra Lalirra, a 44yo … Continue reading Media Release – The Happy Walk

What is the delay!?

I am still in Katherine. There are several obvious reasons including being sick and barrow repairs. There are also a few other reasons. Part of this walk is raising awareness about wellbeing and suicide prevention. I promote talking about it, not being ashamed of being unwell, seeking help and using therapy. Today I needed to … Continue reading What is the delay!?

Terra’s Top 10 Essential Gear List

When your walk takes you places where a backpack won’t do you need a different kind of kit. 1 The Barrow (or cart, buggy, trolley, pram…) Over the last 8 years I have walked more than 15,000kms for charities and causes beside the highways and byways of Australia. Sometimes it is a shorter walk of … Continue reading Terra’s Top 10 Essential Gear List

Terra’s Top 10 Cures For Adultitis

The last 3 weeks i have been lucky to stay at a beautiful retreat called "My Brother's Place". It was been the ideal Basecamp while I went through the stressful process of preparing for another long, remote, unsupported 2,200km section of The Happy Walk. Having loving family around helped a lot. On my 44th birthday … Continue reading Terra’s Top 10 Cures For Adultitis