This Blog is Closed

Hi! Thanks for following this old blog. But i'm afraid you are missing out. Please follow Terra Roams I have noticed lately people are still following this closed blog but not the new blog. Terra Roams If you are not following my adventure blog Terra Roams then you are missing the last 6 months of … Continue reading This Blog is Closed


Moving to a New Blog

I have created a new adventure blog and will not be posting anymore content here. Thank you for following this blog. This one started about halfway through my walk around Australia as part journal part ideas. I have a lot of ideas and learn really useful stuff while walking alone for months and a few … Continue reading Moving to a New Blog

Walking Away

  I am figuratively and literally walking away from charity walking and The Happy Walk. I have nothing left, no kombi, no money, nothing because I sold everything for them, to keep walking so i could keep raising funds and awareness. I walk away starting from scratch. The fundraiser finished 2 weeks ago and they … Continue reading Walking Away

Robyn Davidson

In 1984, when I was 12 years old, I read Tracks by Robyn Davidson about her 2,700km solo camel trek from Alice Springs to the west coast of Australia. A trek of this size, across a vast desert, undertaken by a woman alone had never been heard of before in Australia. Now Robyn's journey stands … Continue reading Robyn Davidson

ABC Radio Summer Afternoons Interview

Thank you to everyone who tuned into ABC Summer Afternoons radio programme today. Unfortunately, there was not enough time for my interview with Kia Handley due to a large number of New Year calls from adventurous listeners. It has been rescheduled for the same programme, 1-4pm, tomorrow. If you can't listen in again Kia has … Continue reading ABC Radio Summer Afternoons Interview

Happiness In 20,000,000 Steps

Sometimes I look back but only to see how far I have come.   The Happy Walk was not just a walk to raise awareness about suicide prevention, health, happiness, hope and raising funds for Lifeline's 24/7 crisis hotline.   The Happy Walk started as the primary therapy in my recovery from suicide attempts, 3 … Continue reading Happiness In 20,000,000 Steps


I have some excellent news! I have passed my 20,000kms solo milestone. It is a little bit embarrassing because I had been calculating the distances I walked alone in Australia and didn't add any international solo treks in Portugal, Morocco, Western Sahara, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, China and Japan (but not including … Continue reading +20,000kms

Conquering My Biggest Fear

Last weekend I faced my biggest fear - public speaking - and didn't die! It was an absolute privilege to be one of the speakers at the She Went Wild Women's Adventure Expo in Sydney on Sunday. To share the stage with some of the most inspirational and accomplished women in Australia was an honour. … Continue reading Conquering My Biggest Fear

Women’s Adventure Expo

This time next week the She Went Wild Women's Adventure Expo will be in full swing. It's is going to be an incredible event!   Do you have your ticket yet?   You can buy tickets and see the schedule of speakers, workshops and displays at    I will be speaking at 11:30 about … Continue reading Women’s Adventure Expo