2018 Focus on Inspiring Intrepid Women

This year I will write a series about inspiring women in the outdoor adventure scene, how some of them have shaped the direction of my own adventures and the enduring legacy of their experience, knowledge, strength and courage.


Over the next few months I will introduce you to the intrepid women who have specifically had an influence on my own life from high school to the support and friendship I received from the adventure sisterhood while I walked solo unaccompanied around Australia.


Later in the year I will introduce you to women currently undertaking incredible expeditions and valuable initiatives empowering women to explore, discover and deepen our relationship with Earth and our own spirit.


There will be other posts about many different topics and my own little adventures throughout the year. There will be the continuation of the final 900kms of my 16,000km+ solo walk around Australia when the ankle is strong enough to return to trekking unsupported in the mountains.


A book is on the way which will be a wild, informative and fun collection of short stories about my own adventures around the Earth in some of her most wonderful places including the walk around Australia.


An new epic adventure begins this year. I will be preparing and training to ride around Australia for the big bike book tour of 2019. I have started paying off a Surly Disc Trucker which will be fitted out for a year of unsupported touring. A few small tours to get back into the swing of it testing out any new gear. Refresher bike maintenance course so I reduce the chance of being stranded in the outback. Refresher wilderness 1st aid and bush tucker courses will help too. You can be sure I will tell you all about them as they happen. Sponsors are welcome and will greatly benefit from their support.


One more project I want to start this year is all about sharing adventures through participation, joining people on their expeditions, people joining me on mine, planning adventures with friends and family because adventure is as excellent with good company as it is alone.


Before I head back to QLD in March to resume the walk around Australia I’ll make some rough maps of the remaining 900kms to Newcastle where I finish. I have previously trekked more than 1,000kms of the NSW coastline, along the sections I have already walked I invite people to come walk with me.


If anyone is interested in meeting up in Canberra in a couple of weeks let me know 🙂

Orroral Hut17
Orroral Homestead near Canberra in Namadgi National Park

5 thoughts on “2018 Focus on Inspiring Intrepid Women

    1. Hi Kelly! How are you? I watched your presentation at the expo last month 🙂 My budget has messed up my summer plans a bit but i’m still hoping to get down there before March.


    2. Hi Kelly! I’m sorry, i thought you were Chloe. It didn’t feel right so i did a bit of googling last night and apologise for my mistake.
      Back in 2002 i was also planning a solo 12 month human powered expedition across Mongolia in 2004 continuing all the way through to Turkey but at the last month before leaving they refused my visa. I met Tim Cope while he was preparing for his crossing. Until Sarah Marquis walked across laterally N-S, solo without pack animals or riding, i had not heard of other women crossing solo. A friend and i are planning to walk for a year from Vladivostok to Finland via the length of Mongolia, across the top of Kazakhstan and through Moscow on foot without animals in about 5 years or so. We’re both 20,000km+ solo unsupported walkers and looking forward to the expedition and travelling together, at least i am 🙂
      Again i’m really sorry for mistaking you for Chloe Phillips Harris.


      1. hahaaha! hi terra! i’ve never realised i could read messages on wordpress so i haven’t read this message until now. hahahahaa! talk about slow :D… that walking trip sounds bloody awesome!!! and you can mistake me for chloe any day – she’s a legend! hope you’re doing well, cheers, kelly

        Liked by 1 person

    3. Hi Kelly! Would you still like to catch up? I can catch an early train from Canberra and stop in Goulburn in the morning before the next train through to Sydney. If you’re interested it will be the 23rd. Could you please let me know today or tomorrow before i book my tickets?


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