Fracture Progress

10 days out of the cast and i'm making progress. Slow but definitely improving. After 50 days non-weight-bearing in pre and post surgery back board casts and an ultralight fibreglass cast my ankle pretty much forgot what to do.  The tibia was successfully relocated without extra screws. The fibula is still meshing after the screws … Continue reading Fracture Progress


Woonoongoora – Lamington National Park Pt2

‘…it is a land of mountains, waterfalls, valleys, rivers, scrubs, forests, magnificent panorama and charming spots teeming with native animals and plant life. Its mountains run up to 4000ft. high, and its waterfalls are not equalled outside the State. Within a five mile radius of the head of the Coomera River, there are fifty falls … Continue reading Woonoongoora – Lamington National Park Pt2

Woonoongoora – Lamington National Park Pt1

After Tamborine Mountain I was impatient to get into the bigger mountains but one important chore needed doing first. Dirty laundry! Ultralight backpacking means less clothes and needing to wash them more often. I have 1 jumper, 2 shirts, 2 trousers, PJs and 3 sets of underwear, that's all you need really (wearing your rain … Continue reading Woonoongoora – Lamington National Park Pt1

Brisbane to Mount Tambourine

I have been a slacker. So many times I have opened up the blog to write and no words come. I can't explain it but tonight I feel wordy so here is the long awaited Brisbane post which I will merge with Tambourine Mountain. You will need to wait a little longer for Lamington National … Continue reading Brisbane to Mount Tambourine