On change…

I am glad the walk has taken this long. The time has given many more opportunities for personal growth as well as a broader appreciation and awareness of my country, people and my place in it. 

Often I wished I had walked faster and pushed on through all seasons so I could move on, to other adventures and different human-powered travel (: In reality, if I rushed I would not have enjoyed it half as much and the valuable process of change would have been lost.

Likewise, I am grateful the support vehicle side of the walk fell away during the early planning stage. Without a support crew I have had far more meaningful interactions, learn to ask for help and felt protected by community. Most importantly, I have met people (and continue meeting people) who will always have a special place in my heart.

An handful of supporters are still following the walk since I started collecting forum advice back in 2011. It has evolved and been through some big setbacks and changed. When I needed a year off and went through the lengthy public health system to have 3 tumours removed and an hysterectomy in 2013 many early supporters assumed it was all over but the walk had only begun and my motivation grew stronger while waiting.

Originally I wanted to walk 32,000kms in 7 years and do lots of presentations everywhere. I quickly discovered I was not a public speaker and without support and training it was easier to limit myself to fun, active, succinct talks with small groups and classes sharing a genuine interest in what I had to share.

I’d love to be trained in pubic speaking and I would love to share the things I have experienced while walking around Australia. I want to empower everyone to live their dreams, dream big and live an adventurous life. There is so much in my heart I want to share and I hope one day someone will teach me how to.

I think the greatest changes I made for my mental wellbeing were the distance and fundraising targets. As soon as I halved the time and distance a huge weight lifted. 7 years and 32,000kms was doing my head in. Just a simple 16,000km lap, in my own time, felt good and now I’m out of the tropics there is no need to race the monsoon build-up to a destination. It feels like my entire being can breathe with freedom of space and time.

Of the many things this walk has taught me ’embracing change’ has been one of the most useful.


5 thoughts on “Thoughts

  1. Beautiful thoughts Terra. You are such an amazing woman, and you have to do what is right for you, follow your dreams even if it means making changes to plan, public or not. You are right where you are meant to be. I am so happy for you. xx

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