Gladstone to Canberra Pt1 Maps

Here are the maps for the rest of The Happy Walk.  I tried tiling them on a notebook so it is easier to scroll but it doesn’t work on a mobile. Sorry about it.


The maps are just a guide to where I will walk this year. It is the final section of a 4 year and 16,000km solo unaccompanied walk around Australia. This leg is approximately 2,900kms and will follow all the scenic detours, a few side trips and as many through hikes in National Parks as I can easily walk too and through between Gladstone and Canberra.


This is still a charity walk for suicide prevention and fundraising for Lifeline. It looks different and will shift focus to adventure, Nature and beauty as I explore the east coast of Australia slowly on foot. This year will be relaxed, the itinerary flexible and more enjoyable from my perspective. It will still be hard work living out of a backpack, bush camping and walking almost everyday for 5-6 months but hopefully made easier with good support on the way.


In the next post Pt2 I will list the towns, localities and national parks I plan to walk through. If you are able to help out in any way with accommodation, meals (vegan), clean drinking water and sports therapy please contact me here or email Please share on social media with communities and friends in case they can help too.

2017-05-31 21.26.15

2017-05-31 21.26.59

2017-05-31 21.27.40

2017-05-31 21.28.32

2017-05-31 21.28.58

2017-05-31 21.30.16

2017-05-31 21.31.00

2017-05-31 21.31.44

2017-05-31 21.32.28

2017-05-31 21.33.02

2017-05-31 21.34.03

2017-05-31 21.34.37

2017-05-31 21.35.13

2017-05-31 21.35.50

2017-05-31 21.36.15

2017-05-31 21.37.01

2017-05-31 21.37.33

2017-05-31 21.48.50

2017-05-31 21.40.05

2017-05-31 21.40.42

2017-05-31 21.42.02

2017-05-31 21.42.33

2017-05-31 21.42.58

2017-05-31 21.43.26

2017-05-31 21.44.17

2017-05-31 21.45.02


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