Meet Jekyll

Wilderness Threadworks has sponsored The Happy Walk a D40 Dyneema (Cuban fibre) Luxmore 45L custom built pack, an awesome ultralight, ultradurable backpack which I will be living out of for 5-6 months this year.

The same week I decided to leave The highway and put Dory, my barrow, in storage to backpack the last leg I saw the beautiful Luxmore pack designed by Australian artisan and adventurer Dan Pitt. I checked the specs and knew immediately it was my pack. Dan did more than make one, he donated one!

Jekyll and I went for our first short training walk together today. 11kms with a 2/3 load of 6kg it felt great. 6kg without food and water isn’t quite ultralight but much lighter than I usually carry trekking.

Why Jekyll? Almost before my time there were a couple of cartoon magpies i loved called Hekyll and Jekyll. My pack reminds me of a magpie with its bright new white and black. But there is the other Jekyll, Dr Jekyll. Sometimes the pack won’t feel light and comfy, it will be heavy and cumbersome on the rare occasion I need to load up 4-5 days of water. Then it will feel more like carrying Hyde! But Jekyll will return as the load lightens between towns and tanks.
Thank you Wilderness Threadworks.
* Dan also makes bike packs!


4 thoughts on “Meet Jekyll

    1. Kate, it is incredibly light. I have tried and destroyed many packs over the last few decades, including Aarn, and this is the lightest. Comfort automatically comes with ultralight because the weight just isn’t there to bruise hips and shoulders. I am so grateful to Dan for making my Luxmore with dyneema.

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      1. how is it without a frame, are there any internal bars? The ones i am looking at are around 3o 0z, this one looks a lot less?
        dyneema is amazing! Im looking at a tarp too.


      2. It is actually a lot more comfortable without the bars and slides and adjusting padding. When it is loaded up with 15L of water it might feel different.
        I was quoted $500!!! for a dyneema tarp and quickly bumped it down the list of UL gear. I have 2 light tarps already. Dyneema is in high demand for good reason!


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