Love – how does it enrich you?

Love enhances happiness, kindness, joy, peace, friendship, values, belonging, compassion, tolerance, self-esteem, hope, health, care, enjoyment, gratitude, security, creativity, forgiveness, all the positives in life.

In many ways I am fortunate to have been born with a different kind of mind. Love is a subject I had to first learn and study in theory then connect experiences to categories. My mind interprets love differently but through this process of recognition and appreciation I value love in my life.

The love I feel is not the icky romance and intimacy most people naturally think about and want. I am not familiar with that love so it means nothing personally. From researching it I understand it is a big deal in most people’s lives.

The presence of love in my life is manifest in how I feel towards people, events and things. Some can be described through the 7 Greek loves but others are more simple or obscure.

I love my friends and family, their company and conversation. I want only the best for them and I feel an emotional connection, empathy for their celebrations, dreams and struggles.

I love hommus, it makes me weak at the knees, I can never get enough. Hommus is the key to world peace. I’m sure of it! It really is that good!

I love my trekking kit and sometimes grieve if a  piece of equipment breaks or is lost. There is gear in my kit which can save my life. I don’t own much as an extreme minimalist but what I do own is important and valuable for its purpose in my daily life and survival.

I love trekking for so many reasons. It brings me peace, health and belonging. It nurtures my constant craving for Nature and Solitude.

I love animals, plants, Earth so much that I changed my life to protect them. The choices I make everyday are making a difference to the health and future of our planet and fellow inhabitants. I love Earth, it is home, it provides food, shelter, clean air and water and I must care for her as if my life depends on it because it does.

I love the intangibles which make me stronger like freedom, self-awareness, determination and direction. Through self love I have found strength and purpose. From surviving darkness so heavy I tried to die I have learnt the value of ethereal things which make us simultaneously vulnerable and victorious.

I love truth, beauty, kindness, equality and activism.

What does love mean to you?


2 thoughts on “Thoughts

  1. Beautiful words Terra – Love is different for everyone. I tend to automatically think about Love in terms of love for other people and their love for me. But it is so much broader than that and encompasses much more, as you’ve so eloquently written here. Perhaps in looking at love differently you actually understand it’s complexity.

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    1. Thank you Mel! There were many times I felt like I was missing out on something important, especially when I failed so many times to find it.
      It was through the process of applying minimalism to heart and mind, prioritise meaningful connections between my heart and mind to reduce and prevent unwise, inappropriate and regrettable emotional choices, that i discovered how much love is in my life. It is complex but through this analysis it has made love easier to embrace. It isn’t alien anymore 👽😙


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