Go for a Walk

Each afternoon, when the light starts softening, I go for a walk over the headlands, along the cliffs to watch the rolling ocean, dolphins, crashing waves, spotting whale spouts, magnificent sea eagles, kites and terns, adorable coastal heath blossums and wandering through tea tree swamps letting my imagination run wild with dreamtime and fairytale creatures playing out wonderful stories.
Yesterday this friendly magpie shared the track with me, hopping from berry to berry until the plants cleared. I sat on the edge of the cliff watching the magpie, foraging an arms length from me in complete trust, bobbing into the saltbush for fat purple berries. I picked a few and held them out, it took them from my hand.
I hope this beautiful bird understood how much I enjoyed its company.
The berries are edible for our species too but I left them alone loving that the magpie was feasting on its natural diet instead of snacks from the neighbourhood balconies.


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