It is better to uplift others and praise their accomplishments and efforts than compare them to your own.

Encourage everyone following their dreams, answering a calling and finding their purpose as part of the rapidly expanding movement of awesome humans making this world a better place.

It doesn’t matter how big a project is, whether it is an 100km walk to end hunger, letter writing to politicians, protecting the habitat of a threatened species, turning a farm into an animal sanctuary or inventing a fast, easy way to make clean drinking water, the participants feel the same passion and commitment.

The level of personal sacrifice, investment, previous attempts or expertise gained through years of study and trials might vary greatly but each individual’s commitment, no matter what size, is contributing to change.

Comparing yourself to others isn’t healthy, it is an ego trap where we find ourselves either lacking or superior. We are neither.

Our stories, our expeditions, discoveries, inventions, our achievements are a valuable part of a worldwide revolution of change, of compassion and strength, warriors and heros rising up to protect and save what we love.

You are important!

Your participation is valuable.

We are all in this together.

We are equal!


4 thoughts on “Thoughts

  1. Can I join you on this walk? I know depression. Have just completed 500kms on Bibbulmun. A goal and connection with Nature is fantastic therapy. I’d love to get a yes to my request.


    1. Hi Kevin, 500 of the Bibbulmun is awesome, well done. Nature is a great therapist. Sorry but this is a solo walk. Friends and supporters are welcome to join me for a few kilometres or a day if I pass through their town and i might be doing part of the Great North Walk between Newcastle and Sydney with a friend but the rest is solo.


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