Final Prep Pt2


I need time to break my feet into the new shoe shape of my sponsored boots and allow any hot spots and blisters to heal and harden before resuming the walk.

From experience each time I get a new batch of blisters it takes 3 days to heal. It takes 3 weeks for my feet to settle comfortably into a new style of boot or trail shoe but once my feet are used to that style of shoe they will not have trouble with each new replacement pair. So 3 weeks of 20-30km days should have my feet Roclite ready.

The Inov8 Roclite boots are new for me and I am looking forward to wearing a good quality, light, waterproof boot for support and protection in the bush. Two pairs have been donated by Barefoot Inc Australia.

Over the last 13,600kms I have tried a wide variety of footwear with varying degrees of success:

Solid high ankle hiking boots with an “end of line” discount from Columbia were great but the weight began straining my quads, glutes, hamstrings and repeatedly injuring both sartorius muscles after 3,000kms, 

Light barefoot trainers from 3 different brands were too expensive and flimsy, my feet blistered through the thin soles from the heat of the road and they fell apart within 2 weeks, 

Sandals were rubbish because stones and sand were caught between the soles and my feet every few steps and didn’t easily shake out again and thorny roadside weeds and spinifex tips would get stuck in any exposed skin as I walked through it, 

Trail runners supplied at wholesale price from Wilderness Sports Jindabyne were great but I was running out of personal funds quickly in 2015 and wore through the heels of the runners every 3-4 Weeks and,

Because of budget restrictions and inspired by Swedish minimalist adventurer Mats Andren, I walked the last +2,000kms in 2016 from Katherine to Rockhampton via Cairns wearing sponsored thongs from Slappa’s. These are now my No1 camp and rest day shoe but not suitable for bushwalking through Australian scrub.

As a vegan adventurer I am conscious of the textiles used for my gear and clothing. I try to avoid wearing or using anything made with leather, wool, silk and down. I have personal experience working in the wool and cattle industries so I won’t perpetuate animal abuse or needless death through consumerism. 

My diet is plant based but I use vegan principles of health, environmentalism and animal welfare in every part of my life. This means that each time I need to find new clothing or shoes I need to do a bit of research. 

I was lucky to find the Inov8 Roclite Boot through vegan running friends. It is not only the materials but weight, support, comfort, width, water resistance, durability and good reputation which contribute to finding the right footwear.

To be continued…


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