Final Prep Pt1

Hopefully this will be the last leg of my walk around Australia (there will be more walks in years to come). It feels like it has taken too long but I wouldn’t have wanted to push further or faster through each section.
Preparation for multi month solo unaccompanied walks is not that much different than for a long weekend, it just needs a little more planning and organising of supplies.
The gear required for a 2,900km walk needs to be good quality, reliable and light. Fewer problems with gear and clothing gives me more energy to enjoy the walk. 
Without a financial sponsor I had to squirrel away some of the personal donations from last year to replace old and broken gear. This side of preparation is almost complete thanks to wonderful supporters who believe in what I’m doing.
With resupplies being closer together down the east coast I am taking a small trekking stove to prepare comfortingly warm and wholesome meals. 
I took out an interest free loan from The Bank of Reluctant Parents and created the most amazing spiced porridge breakfast blend and a nutritious mixed dahl dinner blend complimented by the tastiest freeze dried veggies I have ever tried from Campers Pantry. So much healthier and faster to cook than dehydrated food.
Sticking to my principles it is all vegan, mostly organic and divided into weekly portions reusing the zip lock bags most of the ingredients arrived separately in from the Australian companies I trust. The meal plan for this section includes other stuff like fresh fruit daily and salads when I pass through and rest in towns.
A lot of walking this year will be in hinterland and coastal national parks so I will often need to carry a weeks supply of food and stove gas in the backpack between towns.
The physical training has been hampered by injuries but after the reality check of recently trekking in the mountains (ambitiously, stubbornly, stupidly and very cautiously so no slight mis-step triggered crippling spasms) I decided to let a professional fix my back instead of hoping my body will repair itself like it usually does.  
The twisted pelvis is now being realigned and there is a remarkable improvement in only 3 treatments. My good days are almost pain free and increasing and the bad days are fewer and more tolerable. With less pain I have energy to enjoy life again, to walk, cook, write and plan. 
My chiropractor, Camden Haven Chiropractic, said I can start doing small gentle walks. I know June 25 is getting close quickly but I hope to start multi day training with all the ultralight gear within a couple of weeks. 
To be continued…


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