Thoughts 1

The human mind and heart is endlessly evolving through new ideas and experiences. Shifts in awareness, thought patterns and values come about through meditation, interaction and questioning old beliefs and habits. An open heart and mind are essential to expanding ourselves beyond self-imposed and cultural boundaries.


We have at our fingertips a multitude of paths and platforms through which we can gain to access the world. No longer can we remain ignorant in the belief that our way is the only right way.


Instinctively humans are tribal, needing to feel secure in a sense of belonging to a community, religion, or movement. Now we live in a global society where there is no longer room for protective tribal behaviour, especially the lies and impositions of religion.


The survival of our sanity as a species relies on us evolving beyond tribalism, there is no more “us and them”. The survival of Earth, the health of this planet relies on us remembering we are not separate from our environment. We can not survive if we continue down our current path of exploitation, destruction and denial.


The mind and heart are not measurable like intelligence or emotion. We have an endless capacity to grow, love and learn. Each day, every new experience, conversation, book, insight, each moment in time is an opportunity to evolve.



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