I’m sorry for not keeping my word. There were a bunch of drafts but not a single one has been completed to schedule before I go offline. These have been deleted because when I finish 3-4 months offline alone camping in the Wilderness I will make a fresh start, new perspectives and approach this blog as a journal of my Wilderness experience and the remaining 2,900kms of my walk around Australia.

I plan to stay out in the bush in solitude for 3 months but this may be extended until early June or shortened it if I tire of the isolation.

It isn’t part of The Happy Walk but will hopefully help prepare me for the final push. I have called this little project “wild recluse” and will document it online in June. 

Until then, from today, the only reason I will turn on the phone will be to check-in with family, organise a monthly overnight trip into the closest town for supplies and access an offline dictionary to assist my daily writing session.

The Happy Walk resumes in Gladstone on June 25 and on June 22/23 I will attend Happiness & Its Causes in Sydney where I look forward to hearing His Holiness The Dalai Lama’s laughter again.

In fact, I have been extremely privileged to have been in his presence listening to his guidance and ideas 3 times, twice with devoted Tibetan refugees in Hunder Valley. 

The photo collage above is of prayer flags flying on top of the world across Ladakh, in the Himalaya of North India, sending prayers of peace on the wind across the Earth. It has been almost a decade since I visited and I plan to return and explore much more.


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