Welcome 2017!

And welcome to all the new visitors who have crossed over after my exit from facebook!

Hands up who had an easy breezy 2016. I don’t think too many off us will be sad to say goodbye to it. Personally, I’d like to boot it into a dimension 1000 parallels from here but keep the good stuff close to my heart.

With the pain, loneliness and frustrating failures of 2016 there were beautiful kind people, Nature, small achievements, lessons and helpful insights. All in equal measure.

It was the good stuff, like encounters with caring people, spectacular landscapes, wildlife and wildflowers, helpful donations and gifts which helped carry me through some of the roughest patches. Thank you to each of you who helped in whichever way was possible for you.

Not achieving the goals I set for myself hit hard. It felt like failure but after some honest reflection it has been a successful year, possibly more so than any other year of this walk.

The Happy Walk is far more than a personal challenge, it is a fundraiser for Lifeline Australia and an awareness walk for suicide prevention, hope, recovery, health and happiness. As long as the walk continues everything else does too.

Here is a short list of some personal highlights from 2016 ten of which I will expand on later this week in a new “Terra’s Top 10” post.

January – watched Mats Andren complete his walk across the world from Stockholm to Sydney. Mats has been a catalyst for some important changes. More on that later.


February – Lifeline awarded me a very special plaque of appreciation in Canberra.


March – passed the 10,000km point of this lap around Australia.


April – completed the 1,200km link between Canberra and Crystal Brook

May – story in NT News! And finally found a footwear sponsor Slappa’s thongs.


June – reached QLD.

July – hit the east coast and began walking south from Cairns.


August – nominated for Australian of the Year.

September – gifted a red tailed black cockatoo feather for protection. Actually, this month was full of incredible gifts.


October – $20,000 raised for Lifeline!


November – completed another 4,000kms! Bringing to total to 13,600kms before injuries forced me to stop for a long recovery break.

December – rest!


What were your highlights?

I hope 2017 will be an excellent year for you all. We already own the joy so let’s share it!

Hope Health Happiness



4 thoughts on “Welcome 2017!

  1. xo you remind me everyday that if you want something you just go do it. You want to have a little walk around Australia, go for it. I love you dear friend and wish you all the happiness.


    1. Thank you Cherie. My little walk is almost finished, can you believe it. Remember back when we were talking about the first walks, long before The Happy Walk was thought of. Yes, we can do anything we set our minds to, sometimes it requires adjusting the goals posts a bit…


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