Rest Time

This year has been incredible! Made even better through your support and encouragement. Thank you!


Due to delays caused by illness and injuries I found myself still in the tropics long after the safe climate of the dry season had past. Heat and humidity were starting to pay their toll on my body, mind and spirit no matter how careful I was with water and essential nutrients.


Injuries have plagued me since earlier this year and as each starts healing others replace them but a few have been persistent, slowing me down and draining all my body’s resources. Eventually I was walking in agony with each step, spasming back, both achilles had tendonitis and plantar fasciitis. On the last couple of days I think I caused either a stress fracture or bruising, unable to put any weight on the heel I slowed down to a very slow hobble before accepting rest was the only remedy.


Returning north to Rockhampton I was on a bus and back in Basecamp (pictured above) within 30hrs of making the decision to hold the walk until I am 100% recovered and the dry season returns to the tropics.


It was and is a difficult and frustrating thing to do when I have been wholly focusing on progressing towards the end. I keep reminding myself it is the best thing to do. It is not a choice because there is not another option.


It is time to make the best of it! In only a few weeks i will be able to walk with less pain, that is a good thing and I’m looking forward to it. I can rescue myself from boredom by making thank you gifts including painting a few minimalist abstract Australian landscapes from my walks through WA last year, making a photo journal and learning how to market stuff so I can become financially independent while walking next year. When I start selling paintings and books I can get therapy, realignment and coaching to help prevent a repeat of what happened this year. I love walking and can’t imagine a life without it everyday and these injuries scared me.


The crowdfund campaign set up to help with the costs of the walk is also on hold, no donations can be made until I return and then I hope I will not need them. Thank you for everyone’s support this year. With your help my message of hope and happiness has reached thousands more and we hit the $20,000 fundraising target for Lifeline’s 24/7 mental health crisis hotline.


During my recovery retreat i will add a few new blog posts, not regularly because schedules and deadlines make me unwell mentally, just every now and then. I am reunited with my old laptop while resting and will have free wifi here and there which is far cheaper than writing a blog on my phone and using a tonne of expensive data which is my MO while walking.


We’ll stay in touch.


Hope Health Happiness

Terra Lalirra




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