Media Release Update 09/16 *

The Happy Walk is a 16,000km solo walk around Australia without support vehicles raising funds for Lifeline Australia’s 24/7 mental health crisis hotline 13 11 14 and raising awareness about suicide prevention, hope, recovery and happiness.

Ms Terra Lalirra, an Australian 44yo woman from NSW, has been walking for more than 3 years and 13,000kms along some of the most remote highways and scenic detours around Australia and hopes to complete her circuit in Canberra in December at the National Lifeline Headquarters.

Pushing her bright yellow and blue custom built barrow, nicknamed Dory (just keep swimming/walking), beside the road Terra carries and important message about hope, reaching out for help and talking about mental illnrsses, suicide and Lifeline’s life saving services.

In the hope it encourages others to hold onto hope in their darkest days, knowing they are not alone and things will get better, she shares her own story of discovering joy and learning to love life after trying to take her own life in 2010.

Terra has chosen Lifeline as her fundraising cause to thank them for helping her when she called 13 11 14, their 24/7 crisis hotline, when she relapse during her first year of recovery from depression and complex post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

The Happy Walk is an authorised Lifeline fundraiser. Every dollar donated to goes directly to the 24/7 hotline, every donation saves lives. Terra hopes to raise more than $20,000 before the end of her walk.

The Happy Walk has helped save many lives. Terra’s message has reached hundreds of thousands of people throughout Australia and internationally through media, talks and one-on-one chats with people she meets beside the road.

In the process of saving lives and helping Lifeline Terra has unintentionally become the first woman to walk from Perth to Darwin solo without a support vehicle. 
Unfortunately due to a serious incident on the Barkly Highway (see previous blog post) she lost 1000kms for safety reasons and had to let go of her attempt to become the first woman to walk around Australia solo unaccompanied.

With only the east coast remaining to walk Terra continues to carry hope and happiness down to Canberra and meet many of her thousands of supporters, friends and family to help her celebrate life.

Terra can be contacted via email or phone:

For the latest updates and photos The Happy Walk can be followed on Instagram.
Media, please feel free to use any or all of this and contact me for more information or organise an opportunity to meet when I pass through your region. Below are a selection of photos you are welcome to use.

*This is now out of date, please see more recent posts for details. Next media release will be posted when the walk resumes in June


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